get-pre-approved-160To get the ball rolling you will need some key information and documents to supply to your Home Finance Experts Broker.

This will include, amongst other things, evidence of income, proof of identity and evidence of things you own and any loans or credit card obligations you may have. Once your application gets the lenders seal of approval, you will then be provided with a pre-approval advice and you're then well on the way to securing that house you’ve been chasing.

It’s important to obtain a pre-approval for the following key reasons:

  • It gives you peace of mind
  • You will have the confidence of knowing how much you can pay for your house
  • You may be able to jump the queue ahead of those house hunters who haven’t locked down their level of borrowing
  • You’re in control
  • You may also have stronger bargaining power with the vendor as your pre approval may take one of the key conditions out of the purchasing process
  • You may also be able to bid at auction under the pre-approval termsHome loan pre-approval generally can be organised in a timely and speedy manner.